Brand History

The brand's story originates from the founder's personal experiences. Being a pet enthusiast, he understood deeply how pets become a cherished part of the family, offering endless happiness and companionship. During a beautiful sunrise, the founder took a stroll with his loyal companion, feeling the precious moments spent with his dog.This special moment became the inspiration for ”VMELOL“. The brand's mission is to create more of these wonderful moments for you and your pets, filling each day with laughter, happiness, and intimacy.

VMELOL's products are more than just supplies,they are symbols infused with this special emotion.Each product is carefully designed and curated to ensure that every moment you share with your pet is comfortable and delightful. From cozy collars to engaging toys, every item carries the essence of your mutual understanding and connection."VMELOL" aims to be your life companion, not only providing the essentials of daily life but also accompanying you through every unique moment.

Whether it's the first rays of sunrise or the enchanting starlit nights, "VMELOL" stands by your side, enjoy every slice of beauty in life!